The first masterclass kicks off: AI to support business

Registration is open for the first LFM University masterclass

LFM Spa, leader in the agency sector, which offers logistics & retail solutions, business intelligence, events & incentive travel, marketing & strategy, during the "A new era is coming" event unveiled the creation of a real education which is based on three main pillars: remote training tools, masterclass courses also open to partners and "Hello events" networking events to create business opportunities.

With great enthusiasm today LFM officially opens the registrations for the first masterclass, which will be held on 6/7 October in Milan at the LFM University, and which will deal with the topic of artificial intelligence at the service of the company.


Why AI is a very current topic not to be missed

In an increasingly connected world driven by technological innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) has established itself as a topic of extraordinary importance. AI is revolutionizing every aspect of businesses, from optimizing operations to personalizing the customer experience. It is imperative for anyone working in a business to understand and master this rapidly evolving technology.

AI offers powerful tools for analyzing data at scale, enabling companies to unearth valuable insights and hidden trends. This results in more informed business decisions and more focused strategies. Furthermore, AI-powered automation can automate complex processes, freeing up human resources for high-value-added tasks.

Machine learning and neural networks are enabling companies to develop innovative solutions, such as virtual assistants, chatbots and personalized recommender systems. These tools improve customer interaction, increasing satisfaction and creating loyalty opportunities.

Those who acquire AI skills will have a competitive edge in an ever-changing job market. Understanding how to implement, manage and exploit AI allows you to stay ahead of emerging trends and actively contribute to the evolution of the company.

Some masterclass' hot topics

The masterclass will touch on various topics: from the history of the birth of artificial intelligence (AI) to the explanation of the various tools available and in support of the business.

We will discover AI tools to improve a number of aspects:

1.AI for corporate communication

2. AI to improve your skills and those of your team

3. AI for business intelligence

4. AI for optimization of internal processes

5. AI for creating competitive advantage

To make the masterclass even more significant, there will be a speech with a panel of AI experts who will share their feedback on the application of artificial intelligence in the related sectors in which they operate.

The masterclass will also include "hands on" sessions where the participants, divided into groups, will be able to try their hand at AI tools, to better learn what they learned in the theoretical sessions.

The whole class will then be provided with handouts relating to what they have learned and an update via newsletter in the following months on the most relevant updates in the AI ​​sector.

YuSeul Kim among the teachers of the masterclass

YeSeul Kim is a serial entrepreneur with a long experience in international companies, universities and innovation centers. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), one of the most important research universities in the world based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, after her studies YeSeul worked for the most important international companies such as Procter & Gamble, in the Consumer & Market Research division ; was Director of Operations at Ashoka International Organization, made a tremendous contribution as Vice President Strategy at the Kendall Square Innovation Center in Cambridge MA, and later as an executive at H-FARM. Today she is the founder of Constitute Meta, which acts as a bridge between the "curious meta" and all those interested in everything related to the world of WEB 3.0 and the world of artificial intelligence.

How to register to the AI ​​masterclass

Participation in the masterclasses of the LFM University is limited in order to allow a high quality of content delivery and workshops.

The partners will receive an email inviting them to participate and specifying the number of places available free of charge.

It will also be possible to participate for a fee, online, by pre-registering by email at the following address giving a down payment to reserve priority registration. The cost of participating in the online session is €400 per person.

LFM University - the Milan headquarter for masterclasses

With the launch of the University's ambitious project, LFM has equipped its offices with spaces dedicated to education with the best technologies to enable participation even remotely.

Those enrolled in the Masterclass of 6/7 October will have to present themselves at the Milan office in via Giambellino 121/b Milan.

The thoughts of the co-founder Jasmine Ferraris on AI at the service of the company

"LFM university is designed to be an engine of innovation" says Jasmine Ferraris co-founder of LFM "today artificial intelligence is a reality that cannot and must not be ignored. I don't see technology as a substitute for people, but as a great and useful ally in daily work"

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